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Irina Silanteva


KPMG France, promotion 2012 - 2013

"The MBC was a dream-Master for me, because at the time of my 4th year of university in economy, I wished to have a more professional training. I wanted to understand how a company works through the IT approach. Thanks to the consultant job, I wanted to discover several sectors and to work with various companies. This consulting work facet is completely fascinating! The opportunity to make the apprenticeship training completed perfectly my expectations and allowed me to acquire a very developing experience in company. The MBC gave me all that I could and could not imagine on the professional plan: my apprenticeship on a innovative problem in a telecommunication company very renowned in France then a hiring from the end of the training in a consulting firm of Big 4. I'm so grateful, especially as the courses were supplied by specialists of the consulting and IT sector who taught us to work in team and on a project, so many methods which prepared us to the company life. MBC is also a community of brilliant, motivated and warm persons that I was delighted to meet."

Vincent Teboul


EY, promotion 2012-2013

"After a 4th year of university in Management control at Dauphine, the Master in Business Consulting opened me the doors of the big consulting firms. Studying in the management track, I had the opportunity to acquire knowledge appropriate to the consulting sector and to the IT projects. From this point of view, the Master's degree strength is to know allies in a pertinent way theoretical and practical course, which are assured by the partners companies. But beyond these purely educational aspects, the Master in Business Consulting is especially a real springboard towards the professional world: on one way thanks to the apprenticeship which allows to acquire a significant experience, and on another way through the former network and the several events which are bound to it. A few months before being awarded a diploma, I could sign my first CDI in the Advisory department of EY. Naturally, I plan to remain close to the Master's degree by continuing to invest me in the former association!"

Mathieu Ah-Sing


CSC, promotion 2010-2011

"Already SI consultant before, the Master in Business Consulting and his partnership with CSC allowed me to reorient myself and, at the same time, to specialize me in the ERP consulting, in the Intelligence business field (SAP BI). My double functional and technical skill is largely requested and appreciated when we accompany our prestigious customers on their projects of very big scales."

Soukaïna Arid


Say Consulting, promotion 2010-2011

"The Master in Business Consulting is an excellent complement to my basic training in Finance in the way where he allowed me to integrate SAY Management Consulting and to intervene as analyst in business development missions, for example in the IT field. Wishing do a carrier in the consulting sector, the research track of the MBC offers me essentials as the analytic mind and the methodology."



Nouha Bouayad


CSC, promotion 2010-2011

“The Master in Business Consulting allows a double skill, at the same time technical and functionnal, thanks to the seminary of formation to the ERP. This professional Master continues to make his proof with prestigious consulting firms and DSI. I’m actually in CSC as apprentice consultant SAP finance.”

Caroline Chau


Sopra Group, promotion 2010-2011

"The Master in Business Consulting is an excellent front door towards the consulting in information system. He allowed me to integrate Sopra Group as apprentice, on a big project of transformation and convergence of an Information System. The academic contents of the training, including numerous seminaries leads by consulting professionals, bring the necessary tools for an evolution in the biggest consulting firms."

Thimothée Choplin


CSC, promotion 2010-2011

"The Master in Business Consulting finds a place of choice among the Master's degree at Dauphine: a formation of excellence in the consulting jobs in company and in its demanding methods, in the crossroads of the management and the information technologies. I have been, from my arrival, very enthusiastic by the teaching staff of exception and the narrow links between the Master's degree and the big consulting firms."

Julie Histrimont


Accenture, promotion 2010-2011

"The Master in Business Consulting program perfectly meets the requirements of the consulting market by supplying us a serious theoretical luggage on the fundamental of the management and of the organization but also have a practice in particular thanks to the alternation and to the intervention of our partners. The quality of the Master’s degree, completed by the University image, allowed me to join the company which I desired for a long time and especially to exercise, thanks to the apprenticeship, the job which I always wanted to make. The Master in Business Consulting is a real springboard to reach desired companies and demanding functions. For me, the most of the Master lives certainly in the composition of the promotion: All the students come from different horizons and the fact of being a small promotion allows us to develop a real atmosphere of promotion and to appreciate the exchanges with each."

Ugo Manconi


Logica Business Consulting, promotion 2010-2011

"The Master in Business Consulting is a training in consulting and IT management which allowed me to integrate the Information Management entity of Logica Business Consulting. The Research track allows to have an analytical and critical approach in the consulting through a further training in strategy, organization and research methods and opens the possibility of continuing in doctorate for those who wish it."

Marion Nathan


Capgemini Consulting, promotion 2010-2011

"The Master in Business Consulting is a real open door in the prestigious world of the consulting firms. The Master in Business Consulting allowed me to forge me an IT culture and to have successfully the interview of Capgemini Consulting. I'm actually on a mission of piloting of the deployment of 50 000 jobs distributed on 2000 sites in France."



Najma Saidani


Quatrax, promotion 2010-2011

"The training in consulting and IT that the Master in Business Consulting offers allowed me to have a robust entry track to the world of Information Systems and to integrate the Quatrax Consulting firm. I work with 15 senior consultings on projects of BI for telephone operators and pharmaceutical companies. The Research track of the Master in Business Consulting which I followed also allowed me to acquire knowledge in conception of research what adds to my profile of the analytical skills."

Philippe Wong


CSC, promotion 2010-2011

"After studies in marketing / communication, I decided to integrate the Master in Business Consulting to direct me to the consulting in information system. Then I integrated as apprentice the practice CRM of CSC consulting which allows me to make the link between my previous training and the assets of the Master's degree. Actually in mission to the Société Générale CIB at the level of the front office, I work on the implementation of a new tool CRM for all the nasty / traders worldwide. As such I thus am brought to work at first on the cleaning DATA, what is going to allow me to rise in skill to be able to assure in a near future the missions with some more of responsibilities. I also train the users AMER / ASIE on the various tools bound to my mission. This mission constitutes a real challenge for me in the sense where the international, the innovation, the responsibilities, as well as the opportunity of a CDI (PERMANENT CONTRACT) in the key are so many important criteria which consolidates me in my choice to have chosen this Master's degree."

Steve Varin

"To integrate the Master in Business Consulting of the University of Paris-Dauphine was the most sensible orientation of my student life. After my non-specialized 4th year of university, in management in the Sorbonne University, and my experience as a junior in enterprise, my choice was to direct me to the consulting sector. By joining this diploma, I was able to acquire a set of knowledge, to know how to be and of skills appropriate to the consulting middle, thanks to the teaching staff, compound of academic professor’s and consultants’large number of various consulting firms. This component gives, besides, access to professional's network, which is a real asset to integrate the consulting world. Of more this diploma is made in apprenticeship, what gives the opportunity to implement several best practice given by our consultants"

Maxime Deschamps


AB2B Consulting, promotion 2006-2007

"At present founder-partner of AB2B Consulting, I followed the Master in Business Consulting in-service training over 2 years having obtained a diploma of Telecom School of Management, option Engineering of International Business in 2005. The Master in Business Consulting allowed me, besides to acquire essential knowledge in information system for my job, to develop real methodological know-how which were key arguments to evolve quickly towards a post of business developer then of manager in innovation within the cabinet Devoteam Consulting. It is largely thanks to the MBC that I develop my company in the consulting in innovation and the creation of innovative solutions of traceability today while teaching in Master's degrees of business schools and universities on the creation and the development of companies and the innovation."



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