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24 April 2014
Julie Histrimont, consultant at Accenture, will intervene on: "The apprenticeship and the socialization of the consultant: of graduate's status in...

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Léa Cohen


Saint-Gobain, promotion 2010-2011

"The Master in Business Consulting opened me the doors of the Direction of the Information System of Saint-Gobain as assistant of the Project manager. As such, I handle the project ownership assistance which requires a lot of skills acquired during the periods of course at the university."



Cyrille Maronne


SFR Business Team, promotion 2010-2011

"Apprenticed within the commercial division of Large Companies of SFR Business Team since 2009, the Master in Business Consulting allowed me to widen the field of my missions and to develop my skills both in terms of information systems and strategy of organizations. For my professional career, the Master in Business Consulting opens numerous opportunities of part its quality teachings and its fame. As delegated by the course look for, I am very proud to belong to a dynamic Master's degree and in adequacy with the current economic stakes."

Elodie Milliez


PSA Peugeot Citroën, promotion 2010-2011

"Actually in charge of the development of a laboratory of computing tests at PSA (DSI), the training of the Master in Business Consulting allowed me to arrest better problems bound to information systems. Evolving in perfect autonomy, my knowledge acquired thanks to the training is very useful for me. So, the gratitude of the Master's degree and the possibility of pursuing the Master in Business Consulting constitute a great opportunity of hiring."

Amina Oubarka


HSBC, promotion 2010-2011

"The Research track of the MBC allowed me to train me while developing a critical point of view on the knowledge acquired because of the diversity of the studied objects, mobilized theoretical lightings and the teaching methods. Also, this training by the research allowed me to pick up my internship at HSBC in the project management field, and to work in an environment demand and trainer."





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