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24 April 2014
Julie Histrimont, consultant at Accenture, will intervene on: "The apprenticeship and the socialization of the consultant: of graduate's status in...

François-Xavier de Vaujany

François-Xavier de Vaujagny is a professor at Univeristy Paris-Dauphine. He is co-director of the Master in Business Consulting (tracks 128 and 248) program, and the director of the Management & Organization's research team (element of UMR CNRS DRM 7088). His research deals with the social dimensions of information technologies and other material artifacts within organizations, the strategic assessment of information technologies, as weel as the historical analysis of scientific practices in management. A summary of his research was recently published in Hermès Sciences under the title: "Les grandes approches théoriques des systèmes d'information" (The principal theoretical approaches to information systems).



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