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24 April 2014
Julie Histrimont, consultant at Accenture, will intervene on: "The apprenticeship and the socialization of the consultant: of graduate's status in...
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Important dates:

12/04/2016 and 13/04/2016: Recruitment interviews (9h-19h)

14/04/2016 :Meeting of the admitted persons ;Meeting Enterprises / Students (only for the studentsof the MBC)



Continue in thesis

The optional module " Researcher in science of management " allows you to continue on a Doctorate.

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Who can be candidate in the Business Consulting in Organization & IT track?

You are french or foreign:

  • Management, Finance, human and social sciences
  • School of commerce
  • Institute of Political Studies (IEP)
  • Engineering school
  • Teacher 'training college (ENS)

Then your profile interests us! 


The MBC recruits students with varied profiles. The motivation, the excellence of the academic course, as well as the general knowledge in human sciences and management are central in the evaluation of candidacies.


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